~Erika's Book Review: WINTER by Marissa Meyer

February 11, 2018

The conclusion of the Lunar Chronicles goes out with a bang.

The book takes place entirely on the moon. The whole gang is there, and things keep going from bad to worse. It’s kind of impossible to talk about what happens without spoiling it, so let me just give you my impressions.

Just when you think the Lunars can’t get any worse, they do. And I’m mostly talking about Levana and Aimery. Talk about twisted mothaf*ckas. Some of the things they did were straight up disturbing. Kudos to the author for her ability to shock and make the reader uncomfortable.

Princess Winter is one of the more interesting characters in the YA realm. She suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations, similar to those experienced by people afflicted with schizophrenia or drug withdrawal. Although I found her depiction to be interesting and compelling, I could see some readers getting offended by some of Winter’s behavior.

I LOOOOVE the way the author wrote Cinder and Kai’s arc. Kai is essentially the “damsel in distress,” waiting for his princess in shining armor to come and rescue him. I would love to see more of this gender-bent concept become the norm in YA retellings.

Once again Meyer’s world building shines bright like a diamond. Her vivid descriptions of the city infrastructure on Luna stole my breath: from the domes to the mag lev tunnels to the regalith mines to the palace to the forests and lumber districts...I could get lost there and I wouldn’t mind...as long as those crazy ass Lunars behave themselves.

My favorite part of the book by far: Cress and Thorne. Oh lordy, their chemistry and heat were off the chain. I love how passionate they felt towards one another. Meyer writes such authentic feelings of love and desire between the two. I found the conclusion of their story quite satisfying.

Although I enjoyed the book, I thought it was extremely long. I know the rationale behind that. It’s the long-anticipated end of a great series, so the author had to make it epic and in order to make something epic you have to drag it out and make it super long. I totally get it.

Ok Marissa Meyer, what else ya got??! 3/5 Stars



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